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Otherwise, there’s potential for you to miss out on repeat work. Consider more competitive rates for ongoing work, and don’t be afraid to check out what your competition is charging to make sure you’re in the same ballpark. When you purchase a franchise, you can receive helpful guidance on marketing your business for success. However, sole traders can also find plenty of practical information on the internet regarding creating social media ads and organising flyer drops in your lawn care service area.
As a general rule, any coat needs conditioner when washed monthly or more frequently, however for the fleece or wool coat, conditioner is always recommended. Use a detangler spray for faster knot removal and less discomfort for your pet. Full-size clippers can be used for those same areas too, however they are larger, with a wider blade, noisier, and higher vibration. Vibration is felt more by a dog on sensitive areas and where the coat is thinner.
Avoid the disappointment of late deliveries or products that don’t do what they say they do. Start slowly and systematically, picking a time when your puppy is calm and quiet. Start by simply lifting adult toys on either side of their mouth then progress to rubbing their teeth carefully with a finger wrapped in gauze or a soft flannel. You want the experience to be pleasurable, so keep it short and to the point. Concentrate on the outside of their teeth, where plaque is most likely to build up, and praise your puppy throughout.
Oil keeps the metal lubricated to reduce friction, which reduces blade heat. Most clippers only come with a very small amount of oil, so it’s recommended to always buy a bottle of clipper oil with your clippers. These 2 coat types aren’t as often trimmed with clippers, but can be. A heavy-duty clipper, single or 2 speed, will do the job nicely, just be sure to follow standard coat prep (below) before you clip. Never skip conditioner with the fleece and wool coats (whether it’s a rinse off conditioner, a spray-on, or a leave in formula).
This includes examining your dog’s face and head to look out for any asymmetry, swelling or discharges. If safety precautions haven’t been taken, soil may be contaminated and the top layer may need to be removed. We have over a dozen different soil types in New Zealand, including brown soil, pumice soil, ancient soil, and even artificial Anthropic soil. When you inspect a property you intend to buy, you likely won’t know which type you’re looking at. In Auckland, you’re more likely to come across tall fescue than most other grass types.